Shalom in the Name of Yeshua our Messiah!

Meuchad is very pleased to announce its new ministry aiming to meet basic needs of Messianic congregations in hard-pressed communities. Instruments of Hope, the only ministry of its kind, helps Meuchad fulfill its vision to Unite and Equip the Messianic Community worldwide in very tangible ways.

In 2018, Meuchad heard the call to open a new ministry whose purpose was to fulfill the physical needs of struggling Messianic communities across the globe. The initiative, Instruments of Hope, was born in response to stories like that of Zambia Messianic Fellowship, a network of Messianic congregations throughout Zambia led by Rabbi Alex Yalenga. In a brief visit, Rabbi Alex shared that 6 of the 9 congregations in Zambia were in rural poverty stricken villages. The worship in these villages was either led with no accompaniment, or with hand drums only. Meuchad and Instruments of Hope set out to supply each village with one complete guitar package including a quality acoustic/electric guitar with strap and case, two extra sets of strings, and electric tuner, and guitar picks. 

UPDATE: September 15th, 2019

Through your prayers and generous donations, the goal was accomplished!

According to Rabbi Alex, the instruments “breathed new life” into these communities. 

“The congregation erupted in great joy and clapping when I announced the blessing. They are beautiful, durable and amazing.

Thank you for yet again equipping the movement in Zambia to use worship as we honor Our God and as we push back the forces of evil. We pray that God will bring you to Zambia and worship with us.”

It is our prayer that Instruments of Hope will continue to meet the needs those who have reached out to us for assistance including the community in Uganda and the powerful and faithful community of Minsk, Belarus. Please pray about contributing to Meuchad on behalf of Instruments of Hope and help us facilitate a revolution of worship to all corners of the earth!