Who Is Meuchad?

The mission of Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United is to serve the Messianic Jewish community cross-generationally and cross-organizationally by facilitating unity among and providing training for the Messianic worship community. We do this primarily through this website, which features teachings and blogs, a song sheet catalogue, highlighted Messianic artists, and forums. As well, we unite the community through the annual Meuchad worship conference. This conference provides sound teaching from veterans in the ministry while facilitating connections between worship leaders and artists.

The Meuchad team came together after years of feeling the need for community, collaboration and training among Messianic worship leaders, team members, and artists.  As worship leaders, we each desired the opportunity to encourage each other and share new music so that our congregations would not feel stuck in the same routine with a very limited music repertoire.  As we began to talk together and come up with a way to fill our needs, we began to see a way to fill the needs of the Messianic community at large. 

There are so many fantastic worshippers, songwriters, and technicians out there, we wanted to create a format to bring them together.  Meuchad is the resource to do just that.  Through the website and annual conference, people of all ages and backgrounds in the Messianic world can come together, bless and be blessed.