dance as worship

with Arlene Viehweger

In this exclusive teaching from Meuchad 2017: To Be Known, Arlene Viehweger gives an excellent and spirit-filled teaching on Messianic Dance in praise and worship.

The Importance of Theologically Informed Music

with Tony Wray

messianic worship: past, present, & future

with Paul Wilbur

We are so excited to share this exclusive teaching from Paul Wilbur at the Meuchad 2016 Conference.  In Messianic Worship:  Past, Present, & Future, Paul Wilbur takes us on a journey from where Messianic music has been, to where it is, to where it's going.  If you were unable to make Meuchad 2016, take advantage of this opportunity to receive a small portion of what was offered.