Welcome To Meuchad Songbook

Meuchad Songbook is an ever-growing, comprehensive database of Messianic worship song sheets and, where available, audio samples of Messianic music from around the globe.  Download these sheets to your laptop or mobile device for a catalogue of songs ready for worship.  If you have an issue listening to the available audio, downloading sheets, or encounter a faulty link, please contact us at media@meuchad.org and we will resolve the issue!

If you are a Messianic worship leader or recording artist with original music and you would like to be a part of the growing Meuchad Songbook, please complete the application below.  Once you are approved, the chord sheets and audio you provide us will be added to the Songbook.

The purpose of Songbook is to equip musicians and worship leaders in the Messianic Community with music they can learn and play. That being said, it’s preferable and most helpful for artists to submit not only chord sheets, but audio as well. Meuchad was founded by a group of worship leaders, so we fully understand the importance of protecting creative property. Please know that Meuchad will NEVER make your audio files available for download unless you specifically request it. Our standard rule is that an artist’s submitted music will only be made available for listening. If you are not comfortable with a song in its entirety being featured on our website, please let us know. We can accommodate you by only posting a snippet of a song.

If you have any other questions concerning submitting your work to us, please contact us at admin@meuchad.org.