Evans Torque Drum Key

By Justin Matthew

Drummers! I hear you; it’s really a tough life. You pour a lot of energy into hauling your instrument, setting up your kit, and making all of the necessary adjustments that make a perfect fit for you. After all of that, you often want to jump right into playing…BUT you can’t forget to tune! And while the rest of the band will always hate that you randomly bang on drums during this perfecting process, it is vital to the overall sound your team produces. However, I have found a tool that will make tuning more like a slightly uncomfortable walk in the park, rather than a walk on eggshells.

The Evans Torque Drum Key:

This drum key provides many advantages to tuning. First of all, it provides the ability to keep every single nut turned and tightened the exact same amount because of a unique wheel near the bottom that acts as a gauge for how tight the nuts get tightened. The higher you turn the gauge, the tighter it will make your nut go until it clicks, communicating that you have reached your desired tightness.

Essentially, as the nut gets tightened, pressure is added to the mechanical piece, thus preventing it from moving. Once the desired amount of pressure is applied to all of the nuts then, BOOM, you are done! However, the greatest thing about this useful gadget of a drum key, is that it only costs between $19.99 and $22.99!