Shalom in the Name of Yeshua our Messiah!

Meuchad would like to introduce you to a new facet of our ministry: Instruments of Hope.  Inspired by the needs of IoH’s first recipients, the Messianic Congregations of Zambia, Meuchad realized that we could continue to fulfill our vision to unite and equip the Messianic Community worldwide in a very tangible way. Rabbi Alex Yalenga, leader of the 9 congregations comprising The Zambia Messianic Fellowship and her sister ministry to Zambian orphans, shared that the vast majority of Zambian Messianic worship is drawn from the same repertoire of music found in a typical Western Messianic congregation. However, lack of resources in these largely poor, rural communities renders their expression to a capella and hand percussion despite the presence of a variety of skilled musicians. The workers are willing, but the instruments themselves are out of reach. Rabbi Yalenga writes:

Shalom and greetings,

The Zambia Messianic Fellowship can be rightly called a house of worship for the God of Israel. Praise and worship takes almost half of our Shabbat services. Financially we are strained to the limit as we take care of 234 orphans, a radio program, and nine congregations. Most of the congregants are barely making it and all the instruments used for praise and worship are donated. We lack many instruments. In fact, our worship team of 13 has only 3 microphones.

We use praise and worship (Messianic, Hebrew, and African worship) to reach out to the local Jewish community and during solidarity marches for Israel.

Right now the only instruments we have are a broken drum set and an old keyboard. We are blessed with about 13 musicians who can play all sorts of instruments if they are available. Whenever we can, we hire (rent) guitars and other instruments, depending on the occasion.

We believe music is a universal language and we have come to believe that songs sung with an anointing breaks strongholds and opens doors. And we have several strongholds here in Africa.


Many thanks

Rabbi Alex Yalenga


Meuchad is excited to help the Zambian Messianic congregations broaden their musical worship expression by equipping our Zambian mishpocha with Instruments of Hope.

To do this, we need your help! In Phase 1 of our outreach to Zambia, Meuchad has pledged a total of six acoustic guitars, one for each rural community, that can accompany worship without need for amplification. At approximately $1000 for each complete instrument package (guitar, hard case, extra picks and strings and tuner), the total cost of this blessing is $6000. However, this vision doesn’t end with our brothers and sisters in Zambia. Instruments of Hope will continue to seek out other Messianic communities world wide with similar needs for instruments and equipment. Then, with the help of partners like you, IoH will launch the outreach to fulfill their worship needs.

Please prayerfully consider helping Instruments of Hope meet these needs.  To donate, simply click the donate button below for a tax deductible donation.

As always, we also ask for your prayers and hope you will explore to meet the needs of your own ministry.  Also, register today for the 2018 Meuchad Worship Conference, October 12-14, in Roswell, GA featuring Paul Wilbur and the Meuchad worship band.


Thank you! God Bless, and Shalom