Meuchad Featured Artist

the reflection (elisheva & eve Marvin)

The Reflection is a Messianic vocal duo band-twin sisters Elisheva and Eve Marvin. Elisheva has been writing lyrics and music since the age of 12. Her younger-by-20-minutes- sister, Eve, has a strong voice, generally singing lead.  Both girls also sing harmony. SHOUT is the title song of The Reflection’s first CD, recorded when the girls were 16. The heart of their songs is to inspire and focus worship. Through listening you are encouraged to enter into thoughtful reflection of God and the deeper relationship He wants to have with you. Elisheva and Eve lead worship in Messianic congregations and look forward to new opportunities God gives to proclaim His praises.


What’s the name of your band?  What’s the origin of that name?

"The Reflection; We chose that name because as twins we reflect each other in many ways and also as we sing together. Our voices complement and reflect each other. But more importantly, as believers we are to reflect the light of God. The Hebrew Scriptures say that Israel is to be a light to the nations and the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, is the Light of the World. As followers of Yeshua we are to reflect His light to those around us."


Being that you are sisters (and twins), can you share what it looks like for you both to create music together?

Eve - “Recently we have worked on songs together which have come out of Scripture. We pick a scripture which we have been memorizing and sometimes I come up with a melody to fit and sometimes Elisheva comes up with a melody that fits.”

Elisheva - “We complement each other’s voices and sounds as we begin to develop a song.  It is not always easy working together as sisters. Sometimes we argue about an idea for a song, and we have to make compromises. I bend, she bends; we have to be flexible. When two people have different ideas there can be a struggle, but in that struggle something beautiful can come together. That happens when we forgive and put on love which is the bond of perfect harmony. That idea comes  from Colossians 3:14. For example, with the song “Forgive”, it started with words and a chorus that I got, but over a long period of time and just before recording the song I came up with another little melody and our older sister, Elisa, came up with the lyrics to the melody. That little melody became the bridge to the song. After that, Eve and I came up with three verses to the song and then it was complete.  At the end of the day, if we didn’t have each other the song would not have become what God desired it to become through us.”


When did you start seriously pursuing music in this way and has your process changed since you first began playing music together?

"When we began to record our first CD we became more serious about pursuing music. This was a long process stretching over about 4 years. Originally, my parents wanted to do a home recording of songs we wrote at the age of 12. We did a demo recording of 2 songs in a home recording studio in Finland , where we were living at the time. To listen to that first recording today, we realize our voices have also developed from when we were just 13.  Then we moved to Florida and began working with a producer in South Carolina who speaks Spanish. We don’t speak Spanish so communication and the physical distance between us made the process difficult to say the least. Then at the age of 15, on the day of our Bat Mitzvah God led us to a very gifted and professional producer who lived only 30 minutes from us. Not only did he speak English but he really understood what we wanted to do with the songs."


What’s the ultimate direction for your band?  Do you hope to be touring, or are you producing music that will mainly enrich congregational worship?

"Our ultimate goal is that our music will spread and touch as many people as possible and minister to them. Creatively, we would like to incorporate more of Scripture in our songs in the future. We would like to tour in the future if that is what God has for us. Right now we have two more years of high school and that  limits how much touring we can do. But we hope to grow in our music and share with others what God is doing in our lives."


How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

"We are just starting out in setting up access to our music. First, we are doing this through our Facebook page, which includes a music video! Eventually, we probably will have our own website. In the meantime, you can hear the songs we have recorded right here on Meuchad’s website. We have two CDs now: Shout  and  You Are Everything. Soon, we will have the songs available for digital purchase as well. You can send an email for more details:"