Emma Rose

Worship Leader

Emma Rose has lead worship for both her home congregation, Beth Hallel in Roswell, GA, and for various YMJA conferences. Her EP, “Captivated”, is available on CDBaby.


Briefly describe the recording process for us.

This process was very tedious and required a lot of patience. My dad has a recording system at our house so we just used that. First we would record the basic instrument, such as the guitar or piano, then the bass, drums, and other instruments later on. After the instrumentation, my voice was recorded on top of that. It was a very long process because we had to make sure everything was perfect and on beat. It took a while to add everything, such as the instruments and harmonies, but once that process was done, it was awesome to play everything back and see the results. 


How did you choose the right songs?

I have been writing songs for several years now, probably since my freshman year of high school. I kept a journal in which I would write all my songs. When my dad and I finally decided to make a CD, I wanted to choose my best songs. I also wanted to have around 6 songs to introduce people to my style of music. I knew I wanted to make a worship CD because God has given me the gift of music, and I want to reach people and share how great God is through my music. 


Did you have a theme or vision for your album?

The word “captivated” has been on my heart for a very long time because God captivates my heart every single day. I realized how perfect God’s love is and that He will never stop pursuing me. I am a Messianic believer and my songs come from that context. My prayer is that my music reaches my Jewish family, but also the entire believing community.


Who played and produced your EP?

My dad played a huge role in producing the music. I am so thankful for his patience and desire to help me with this CD. My dad did hire some people to help him finish the recording process and to capture a complete, perfected sound. He also had help in the design of the CD. But, besides that, the CD was basically produced in my basement. 


How long have you been writing music?

I have been writing music since around freshman year (officially). I did, however, write silly songs, short stories, and poems when I was younger. I have always been a writer. It is a way of expressing myself. It’s hard for me to sometimes understand what I am thinking but when I write it out, it actually makes sense. Writing is also a way I talk to God. 


How did you begin writing music?

Although I have been singing and playing music since I was young, I started performing music at my 8th grade talent show. I then joined my Youth Band at Beth Hallel and began to feel a calling in music (particularly worship). I remember the first worship song I ever wrote was for a dear friend and older widow in our congregation, Susan Remer. I wrote the song a few days before I found out that she was in the hospital. I knew that God gave me those specific words and melody to sing to Susan to encourage her and to remind her that God is the comforter and the healer. When I sang that song and worshiped with Susan in the hospital room, I knew that God called me to the ministry of worship. 


Who influenced your songwriting? What bands, artists, people in your personal life?

I think the person who has influenced me the most would be my dad. He is an amazing musician and has taught me the majority of what I know about music. I also think that Marc and Dara Vidito have had a big part in influencing my song writing because they taught me a lot when I was in the Youth Band. I am so thankful for that. Some artists that have influenced me include Misha Goetz, United Pursuit, and Naomi Miller. 


What advice do you have for Messianic worship leaders and songwriters?

BE BOLD. I used to be so afraid to go up on stage and lead worship. However, worship is just our response to God. God will lead you in the right direction if you allow Him to. Keep on writing - no matter what. If God has given you a gift of songwriting or worship leading, USE IT. He has given you that gift for a specific reason and it is a very special gift. Lastly, be active in prayer and in God’s word. Don’t forget to be still and just listen. God gives me song lyrics during those types of moments. God will use you and your gifts for an incredible purpose- don’t ever lose sight of that. 


Any thing else you’d like the world to know?

I would really like to thank God for making all of this possible. He has been there every step of the way - from the first thought of a song lyric, to the complete and finished product. Without Him, I am nothing. 


To get a hold of Emma Rose’s music, check out the link below!