Getting Your Heart Right

by Mykie Collins

The most powerful, unprecedented and just absolute best worship experience I have ever had in my entire life was at the 2015 YMJA southeast retreat last year. I mean, I was singing notes I have never hit before, I was creating melodic runs I in my own right mind can never again create, singing new songs that have never been heard and worshipping more freely then I could have ever imagined possible. I… actually that is the weirdest part, I wasn’t even singing. Yes, this worshipful sound was coming out of my mouth but I had actually lost complete control of what I was doing. God fully took over. There I was sitting in a cabin with Shanna Mattson, Jabin Thomas, and Matt Adams (some of the most amazing worshipers I have ever met) two guitars, one hand drum, and me the one singer. Honestly I can’t explain what happened that night and give it justice, but I will say this; you know how every worship leader’s prayer is to be lead by the Holy Spirit when leading a service? I’m just like “DUDE that WAS the Holy Spirit.” I wasn’t leading a service, I wasn’t leading anything. I had no clue what was going to come out of my mouth next. I wasn’t trying to surrender, I WAS surrendered. My body was a mere vessel.  My heart was His. In that moment I had a taste of what God could make me capable of. I was singing the way I had always longed to. It was as if He was saying “Give me all of your heart, and I will give you this moment every time you worship. Give me every fear and every desire of your heart, and you will be able to worship me uninhibited by the boundaries of your own capabilities. Give me all of you and I will give you all of Me.”

I told you that story because it is crucial to what I want to write about; preparing your heart for worship. Simply put, to prepare your heart for worship all you have to do is completely surrender to God. Give him every aspect or your heart, every deepest desire, every secret, and every ambition. IT’S LIKE SUPER SIMPLE AND EASY. Oh wait, actually that goes against everything our flesh wants. Our human nature says “Don’t worry God, I can handle this. I am not ready to give it to You right now.” We want to shove everything that God wants to fix into the same drawer we shove old receipts in and pretend we are all “together” and ready to worship Adonai freely. We can get excited to lead or participate in a powerful worship service only to find ourselves walking away unchanged when Yeshua was standing RIGHT THERE next to us ready to take anything we wanted to give Him. But most of the time we don’t give it to Him. We hold on to so much hurt, we hold on too tightly to our dreams, and we don’t truly believe that God can heal our wounds or exceed our wildest expectations.  What if when we worshipped, we actually, I mean REALLY, wholeheartedly trusted God enough to open our hearts wholly to HIM? Deuteronomy 9:23 says, “And when the Lord sent you out from Kadesh Barnea, he said, ‘Go up and take possession of the land I have given you.’ But you rebelled against the command of the Lord your God. You did not trust or obey him.”

Adonai wants to give us so much more than we trust He can actually do.

I learned this the hard way myself, as many others who read this will relate. I, as many others who are called to worship, dream of a day when God gives me more. I dream big because I have a big God who placed big dreams in my heart. However, I am impatient, which naturally leads me to doubting the dreams Adonai placed in my heart and being frustrated with HIM. I held on too tightly to my own idea of my future specifically in regards to worship, and when things were not unfolding at the pace I thought fit for my life, worshipping became harder. My heart was not prepared to lead worship anymore.  During this difficult time I remember thinking, “Lord take me back to the place I was when I was at the Southeast Retreat worshiping you freely! That’s how I want to worship you every time! That’s how I want to lead worship.” I know now what He answered me back with. “Give Me your heart. Let Me take control. Trust Me.”

We must first prepare our heart by acknowledging that Adonai needs to be in control. If we are leading worship, we must know that He has equipped us with all we need and that freedom in the Ruach is obtainable when we are in complete surrender. If we are worshipping and not just “leading”, having a breakthrough is possible, hearing His voice is possible, anything and everything the Lord has is obtainable. But He will only give it to us when we are ready. We will only ever be ready when we are in completely surrendered to the Lord’s authority over our life. As difficult as it can be to accomplish, the idea is simple to prepare your heart to receive the blessings in store from worshiping Our Creator is worshipping in complete surrender. Romans 12:1 says, “Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”