Worshipping in Response to His Glory

by Whitney Tattersall

“Is there anything more worthy of our tongues and mouths than to speak the things of God and Heaven?” –John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress

I’ve been told my entire life that God wants a relationship with me and I have always believed it. But it’s taken me years to realize that the relationship He wants with me will not flourish like it should if I don’t know who He is, and in turn, who that makes me. And for me, there is no place where I have been more blown away by His character than when I am worshipping Him.

If we live our lives truly wanting to walk as men and women of God, then understanding who He is is one of the most important things we will ever do. Not only because He is the greatest mystery ever to exist, the King of Kings, and the hope of salvation for all mankind - but because it is in Him, His promise, His sacrifice, and His character that we discover who we are as children of God.

We’re made in His image and in His likeness and I believe that only when we turn our fickle gazes away from our screens, our selfishness, and our pride – that we will have our eyes opened to the person He is calling us to be for His kingdom.

There is no room for pride in sacrifice. And true worship is a sacrifice.

Praise be to the God who has designed our relationship with Him to be so filled with mercy that when we worship Him we not only discover the joy of who He is, but the promise of who He has designed us to be.

I never want leading worship to become just another opportunity for me to sing – because it isn’t. It’s different and it should be. Each time I should approach with the knowledge that I come into a throne room that deserves all my attention.

This is not another time going from app to app on my phone, this is not another mindless hour watching Netflix, and this is not another shift at work.

This is a response to the revelation of my king – and to give anything less than all I have is treating what He’s called me to as if it has the same level of importance as the things this world sees as valuable.

We are meant to cast off those things like fear, discouragement, and embarrassment – as the thoughts of what could be for the promise of what WILL be.

And when we worship in desperate pursuit of the King who holds every answer to every burning question in every broken heart – His power can break the chains of this world and throw them away forever. My Abba wants me to choose Him. So to take a step back and rip my fickle gaze from my own needs to His glory is an act of worship that does not go unnoticed.

This is the kind of worship this world needs. Sacrificial, freely given, shut the world out, pursue His heart because He is worthy of our praise – worship.

It is our calling as worship leaders and as worshippers to further draw His creation into the incredible promise and joy of worshipping Him that they were designed for.

When we sing words like, “There’s no place I’d rather be than here in your love,” are we doing everything we can to live that? Do we know what it is to be in His love? Do we know Him?

Worship of Him sets the standard for the kind of earth shattering, focused, and surrendered life He is calling us to live. Not to mention, the kind of relationship He has desired with us for so long. Worship shows us that sacrifice is painful, yet full of blessings beyond compare.

 And if worship is a sacrifice, then let it remind our hearts that the greatest sacrifice has already been made. That our only true response to that revelation is purposeful worship of His character.

Yeshua, to you, Yeshua

All of my dreams all of my life,

My plans I give to you, Yeshua

For without you there’s no life in me

-Shaneh Et Chayai- ELAV Records