If you attended Meuchad 2018, then you know it was an unforgettable experience filled with anointed teaching, powerful worship, and important moments in the history of music in the Messianic Movement. Check out the gallery below to see highlights from Meuchad 2018: To Make Him Known.


We are very excited to announce an invaluable new ministry, Instruments of Hope. Meuchad's newest ministerial branch seeks to equip congregations in need in very tangible and impacting ways. By the end of 2018, we hope to deliver one acoustic guitar to each of the six rural Messianic Congregations under the shepherding of Rabbi Alex Yalenga in Zambia. That is a total of six acoustic guitar packages, including an acoustic guitar, a hard-shell case, two sets of extra strings, guitar strap, and guitar tuner. Please visit the Support page for more information on how you can donate to this invaluable ministry.

Uniting and Equipping the Messianic Worship Community


Meuchad exists to foster community, collaboration, and excellence in the Messianic worship community from the congregational level to organizational events and artist ministries. is your one-stop resource for learning the heart and practicality of Messianic worship and building the repertoire of music with which you lead others to the heart and throne of God. Be blessed, and take full advantage of the tools we have to offer!