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introducing the meuchad music group

Meuchad is pleased to announce a new ministry! Meuchad Music Group is the new record label under Meuchad’s umbrella of ministries. Meuchad Music Group (MMG) exists to build the community catalog of Messianic Jewish congregational worship and to facilitate new expressions of worship from within the Messianic Jewish community.


MMG’s maiden voyage is a very exciting project that made its debut at Yom Kippur! “Atonement: A Yom Kippur Experience” takes 14 of the traditional pieces of Yom Kippur Liturgy and presents them in beautiful five-part A Capella, as sung by the Beth Hallel Cantorial Choir. The pieces, arranged and sung by Meuchad Ministry Director, Marc Vidito, along with his wife Dara and friends Steve Caswell and Jenni Seidner, are presented with richness and passion in a format heretofore unrecorded among the Messianic Jewish community.

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Uniting and Equipping the Messianic Worship Community


Meuchad exists to foster community, collaboration, and excellence in the Messianic worship community from the congregational level to organizational events and artist ministries. is your one-stop resource for learning the heart and practicality of Messianic worship and building the repertoire of music with which you lead others to the heart and throne of God. Be blessed, and take full advantage of the tools we have to offer!